Save Money & Energy

Heating / Cooling

Increase your thermostat  temperate in the summer to 78°F-80°F and decrease the temperature in the winter to 68°F-70°F

Keep your windows closed and shades drawn during hot hours

Make sure all vents are unblocked

Use caulk to seal air leaks in your home


Use colder water when showering, washing dishes, or doing laundry 

Only run your washing machine or dishwasher with full loads

Avoid non-essential water usage on things like watering the lawn or washing your car (If you are going to wash your car, go to a car wash because they reuse the water!)

Lower your hot water heater temperate to 120°F.  See How 


Unplug everything you aren’t using

Turn off your lights. Use natural light instead!

Avoid using appliances when possible. Try doing your laundry by hand and air drying your clothes!

Install LED lightbulbs. See the bottom of the “Save Energy & Money” page to find LED lightbulb discounts


Use pots and pans that cover the entire burner when cooking over a gas flame

Cover your pots and pans with lids that to make the contents cook faster

Open your fridge or freezer door as little as possible

Set your fridge temperature to 36-40℉and your freezer temperature to 0℉

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