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Sustainability Initiatives in New Mexico

PNM Solar Direct Program: This solar project is a 400-acre solar farm located on the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Large customers with loads of 2.5 megawatts or more can access power through the PNM Solar Direct Program. It is currently in the final approval stages with the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission. See more information on PNM’s Solar Direct page.

Environmental Health Department Ground Level Ozone Campaign: Albuquerque’s EHD has launched a new educational campaign about the dangers of ground level ozone. Through its Abuela figure, the EHD is trying to teach residents how to reduce emissions and protect New Mexico’s air quality. More information can be found on the City of Albuquerque’s Ground Level Ozone webpage or on EHD’s Twitter page under the handle @CABQAir.

Beyond Carbon Press Conference: Mike Bloomberg’s “Beyond Carbon Initiative” is the largest clean energy program in US history at $500 million. On June 14th, 2019, many of New Mexico’s elected officials came together at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to celebrate the Beyond Carbon Initiative and stress the importance of New Mexico’s role in leading the nation in clean energy. Find out more about the Beyond Carbon Initiative.

Mayor Tim Keller

“My whole public service career has been filled with questions about why our state isn’t a leader in renewable energy. Today, we’re stepping up and bringing leadership to make Albuquerque a top 10 U.S. city powered by renewable energy. This project puts us on the map with the third largest solar project on Tribal Lands in the nation.”

Beyond Carbon Press Conference

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